Lafayette’s July 4th Parade Blog

usflag1The Lafayette’s July 4th Parade Planning Team has just started a blog and would love to get the word out about it to our local community.  Not only will the blog have the full details for this year’s July 4th event, but this is also a place where they will be sharing ideas for how to weave fun American history lessons into every day life so our children can learn about our nation’s heritage.

As we get closer to July 4th, they will be sharing ideas, links, resources, and local July 4th history that will hopefully inspire families as they prepare for our nation’s birthday!

There is already some great information available on their site. Head on over and check it out for yourself at

The PTA would like to thank the July 4th Parade Planning Team for all their hard work and dedication in making such a fantastic event in our little town.


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