Absolutely everything that gets accomplished by the PTA is done by volunteers.  We cannot say “thank you” enough to each and every person who has dedicated their time and resources to benefit the students and community at Wascher Elementary.

The school and the PTA offer many different volunteer opportunities that make it possible for every parent, grandparent, sibling or friend to find a place to get involved.  You may be available during the school day to help in a classroom or read to kids through the SMART program.  You may only be available in the evening to attend PTA meetings, run a game at the Carnival or run the snack booth while watching a movie at Family Movie Night. Maybe your schedule keeps you busy and getting to the school physically is not possible.  There are still opportunities to help put together the newsletter, co-ordinate volunteers and resources or even keeping this web site up-to-date.

If you are interested in giving to our students we will help you find a place to get involved no matter what your schedule and availability.  Check out the list below to see what volunteer opportunities are available or go to the Committees page to find a list of volunteer groups to get involved with.

To get more information or to get involved please e-mail us at info@wascherpta.org.

Volunteer in the Classroom – Talk with your child’s teacher and find out how you can help make their classroom great.

SMART Program – Read to the kids and get them hook on the wonders of books.

Lego Club (FLL) – Help the kids build, program and compete with Lego Mindstorm Robots. Contact Chad Riddle – chadjriddle@gmail.com

PTA Events and Activities – There are many event and activities listed on the Committees page.  Check it out to find out where you want to help out!

Technology Assistance – We need creative and technical minds to help bring this web-site and other forms of technology to life.  If you know or would like to learn about maintaining a WordPress website, updating blog posts, sending out e-mails using MailChimp or other communication technologies let us know.


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