PTA Membership

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Wascher’s PTA and being involved in your child’s education!

The minimum annual dues set by the National PTA are $9.50.  That amount is split between the National PTA and the Oregon PTA.  We have decided not to add additional to this amount in order to allow everyone the opportunity to be a member of the Wascher PTA.  Membership is not required to participate but is required by the PTA in order to officially vote on PTA decisions.


  • PTA – A way to interact with other parents
  • PTA – An opportunity to share culture
  • PTA – Promotes positive community experiences
  • PTA – Offers funding for supplies, field trips, assemblies, arts, awards, etc.
  • PTA – Provides access to materials designed to help incorporate parents in their children’s education
  • PTA – Focuses on the education, safety, and well-being of our children

As A Member You Will:

  • Receive a PTA membership card
  • Have the opportunity to share your talents on projects of interest to you
  • Have the opportunity to vote on PTA programs, events, and planned activities
  • Have the opportunity to take a leadership role
  • Have the opportunity to receive training that can carry over to your personal and professional life
  • Have access to the Oregon PTA and National PTA websites

To become a member you can register online at the Oregon PTA web site.  Click this link and select “Wascher Elem PTA” from the available schools and complete the additional information.

If you prefer to register offline you can download and print the following registration form:
Wascher PTA Membership Form

For any questions or comments about Membership please contact