Committees are the core of getting things done.  A committee is simply a group of two or more people who work together to bring an idea to life.  By working in a smaller groups the members of the committee are able to stay organized and focused on their specific task, the resources and ideas from all committee members can be pooled together and the responsibility to get things done can be shared among all members.

Committees are generally lead by one or two individuals who will keep the group on track and will communicate back to the PTA.  Each committee can decide how and when they will need to meet and what will work best for the group to be the most productive.

Most parents can make time to be involved with one or two events a year.  By breaking up into small committees each parent can choose to get involved with the event or activity that interests them the most without feeling like they need to commit to helping with all events.

Below is a list of the current committees.  Some of the committees have leaders already and some do not.  If you are interested in taking the lead or just helping out please e-mail us at and let us know!

Administrative Committees

Newsletter – (Chairperson needed)
Facebook Group – Chad Riddle
Volunteer  (Chairperson needed)
T-Shirts – (Chairperson needed)
Fundraising – (Chairperson needed)

Events and Activities

Back to School Night/Open House – Katie Cox
October Family Fun Night – Kamlo Ried
Family Movie Nights –  (Chairperson needed)
Teacher, Staff and Volunteer Appreciations – (Chairperson needed)
Jog-A-Thon – Katie Cox
Spring Carnival – (Chairperson needed)
Battle of the Books – Katie Gladwill
Field Day – (Chairperson needed)
Box Tops / Labels for Education – Jolina Brandon
4th of July Parade Help – (Chairperson needed)

Thanks to all the volunteers who have already made the commitment to get involved in the Wascher PTA!